Frequently Asked Questions

General Process Overview

Once you have a general idea of the artwork that you would like on your custom piece, you can email leighaantoniaart@gmailcom or DM @leighaantoniaart on insta

After fully understanding your design goals, I'll send you a quote with prices and estimated wait time.

Can I Send in a Bag that I Own?

Yes, customizations on a leather you already own is welcome and encouraged. Once you have an idea of the artwork that you would like, fill in our submission request via DM (leighaantoniaart) or email (

How Much Does it Cost?

All artwork is individually priced and based on how many hours it will take to complete your specific customization. Other factors taken under consideration to determine your projects pricing are the complexity of the design and the size of the bag/ design and how much materials will go into its completion. Pricing includes a design rendering for review of scale, placement and artwork concept. 

For us to give you an acurate quote for custom artwork, we need specific details. Unfortunately estimates are not not possible when so many details are involved in pricing.

Once you have submitted a request, we will most likely need to set up a time to talk via DM or phone call to better understand the scoop of your project.

How Long Does it Take?

To ensure quality standards customized paintings will take anywhere from 3-6 weeks. However, this can vary depending on our production schedule and artist availability. 

Will the Paint last?

The paintings can undergo normal everyday wear and tear, however, Avoid rubbing, harsh chemicals and extended sun exposure to maintain its original integrity. The top coat sealant is water proof and can withstand being cleaned by soap and water. 

Can the Paint be Removed?

Once the paint is applied it cannot be removed without affecting the original canvas. However, we can paint over the design if you would like something different.

Will I Get a Mock-Up?

For custom artwork, we will provide you with a digital rendering so that you can have a general understanding of your design concept, placement, and size. Of course, hand painted artwork will vary from a computer's digital rendering; However, it will give you fairly accurate representation of your design.

How do I Get Started?

Regardless of if you are sending your own leather, or picking from our own supply, the customization process is seamless and easy. Once you have a general idea of the design you would like, you may request a quote. You’ll be personally attended to every step to make sure your design goals are reached to your satisfaction. 


DM me on Instagram @leighaantoniaart or email me at ❤️